This AK47 auto is very diverse and combines a large number of completely different genetic characteristics, each of which has left its mark in it. This is a branching plant of medium height, genetically endowed with high yield, thanks to the large number of bright juicy green inflorescences.


The smell of auto AK fem is exclusive. It is sharp enough, but with the addition of sugary-tar. Flavor will appeal to many fans of unusual sensations. It blooms fast enough, so the most of its life, plant spends on the production of large and resinous buds. In this way, even the most impatient grower, within 70 days from seed will become the owner of a quite decent harvest.


Auto AK fem is properly balanced with sativa and Indica. Therefore, everyone will find something special in the effect of this kind. Suitable for cultivation outdoor and indoor, not whimsical to conditions, but like any other plant, gives more yield with proper care. It is a decent choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners.


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