The mere sight of Banana Punch’s beautiful buds is enough to entice the most seasoned of canna-connoisseurs. After all, who can say no to a stash of dense, multi-colored buds practically dripping with a heavy coating of syrupy trichomes? As if that was not enough, it also allures the senses with mouthwatering flavors and aromas that evoke memories of being on a tropical island. While these captivating traits might pique interest, it is the euphoric and profoundly relaxing effects that eventually keep consumers coming back for more.


Beyond its attractive bag appeal, Banana Punch ensnares the senses with an unforgettable head-to-toe pampering. It brings about waves of euphoria that propel one to cloud nine, only to pull it back down with tranquilizing effects weighing heavily on the core and limbs. Not only that; it also brings forth therapeutic benefits that alleviate a broad range of illnesses - no wonder why it is such a sought-after strain.


Cultivating this plant at home is also pure bliss. Given its easy-to-manage nature, rearing it does not require much expertise. Moreover, despite asking for little attention, it rewards growers generously with above-average yields of top-shelf kush.


Those fascinated by the prospect of home cultivation are encouraged to try Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized Banana Punch seeds. After rigorous quality control tests, these premium seeds are guaranteed to have high germination and female turn-out rates. 


Cultivating Banana Punch is relatively easy. However, several considerations must still be kept in mind to ensure healthy growth.  For one, this strain thrives best in controlled environments. That is because indoor growing allows for artificial management of environmental conditions such as light, temperature, and humidity levels, to suit the plant’s needs. The temperature must be 20-26°C while the humidity levels should be around 60% during the vegging phase. Then, once it enters the blooming stage, reduce it to 40-50%. As for the light source, a 600-watt LED grow lamp works best when lit for 18-20 hours a day.


To boost development, plant the cultivar in soilless media such as coco coir or hydroponics setup. However, if the aim is to raise the terpene profile, use organic soil instead. This plant responds well to Low-Stress Training (LST) methods so SOG will work well in increasing the yields. Another way to augment growth and productive capacity is to top it frequently. That way, the plant develops several budding sites. Given plenty of care, each square meter yields up to 500 grams of beautiful buds after about 7 to 8 weeks of flowering.


Meanwhile, going alfresco is also an option. However, this is only recommended if the location is warm, sunny, and dry. Otherwise, temperamental weather is bound to spell trouble. When provided with an optimal growing environment, each sun-grown plant produces a whopping 500 grams of resinous nugs!


  • Genotype: Mostly Indica x Ruderalis
    Lineage: Banana OG x Purple Punch
    Sex: Feminised Auto-flowering
    Yield: 400 - 500 gr/plant
    THC: 20%
    Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks
    Medical Benefits: Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
    Effects: Creative Euphoric Relaxed Talkative Tingly
    Flavor: Apple Banana Berry Blueberry Pine Pineapple Strawberry Sweet Tropical
    Climate: Temperate/Sunny

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