Chocolate Urkle Auto is the love child from the hybridization of a Skunk # 1 and a Dutch variety of Chocolope that has a musky aroma and impressive organoleptic qualities.  This variety of autoflowering cannabis offers a considerable yield for its short life cycle owing to the Canadian Ruderalis that was used to create the Chocolate Urkle Auto. It grows vigorously and with relative ease so it's suitable for beginner growers, it won't take much effort to get the most out of this strain. By using organic fertilizers you will be able to increase production by up to 60% while maintaining the characteristic flavor and aroma of this cannabis variety!


Chocolate Urkle is Indica dominant with an earthy flavor with hints of fruit. As mentioned before her organoleptic qualities among consumers are much sought after for its powerful medicinal effect. It can be used to treat depression, lack of appetite and insomnia to name but a few!


  • Sex: Autoflowering feminized
    Genotype: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica / Canadian Ruderalis
    Lineage: Skunk # 1 x Dutch Chocolope 
    Flowering: 65-75 days
    Yield (Indoor/outdoor): 460g/m2 - 70-160g/plant
    THC: 16%

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