Once upon a time, some breeders decided to breed and select a special Northern Lights phenotype. After seven generations of meticulous breeding practices, Deimos came to light. This autoflowering plant expresses spicy and fruity flavors. The effects are quite relaxing—comfortable physical sensations present themselves. Some outlandish contemplations may also appear.


Indoor growers receive around 450–525g/m² of buds, while outdoor cannabis operators shall be granted around 80–100 grams per plant. Deimos reaches approximately 70–80cm in height, which is perfect for guerilla growers. However, this plant develops significant side branching, something to consider before cramming hundreds of Deimos plants into a small space.


  • Genotype: Indica-dominant autoflowering
    Lineage: Ruderalis x Northern Lights
    Yield (Indoor/outdoor): 450–525G/M² - 100G/PLANT
    THC: Medium
    Seed to harvest: 10-11 WEEKS
    Smell and flavor: Fruity
    Spicy: Earthy
    Effect: Body-buzz, Relaxed, Mellow

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