The indica strain of marijuana, Matanuska, is highly prized for its enormous organoleptic abilities on its sedative qualities. Highly appreciated by cultivars worldwide!


Auto Matanuska is the result of an intensive selection process whereby breeders managed to isolate the intrinsic qualities of this magnificent specimen and then mixed it with a Canadian variety of Ruderalis. Hybridization of these varieties give it a greater resistance to the inclement weather and pests combined with the independence of the daylight saving time and the reduction of time the plant needs to carry out its ripening process in half the normal time.


It is recommended that the seeds be planted in nothing less than a 20ltr pot. Automatic varieties carry within their genetic code the moment in which they will pass to the flowering phase and any manipulation of the plant, whether transplanting or pruning, would delay its vegetative growth by several days and the harvest would decrease accordingly.


Matanuska has a sweet taste, with pleasant traces of wet earth and fruity notes. It has a powerful relaxing effect that begins to be noticed immediately after it has been consumed and can be extended up to four hours.


  • Gender: feminized
    Genotype: 10% Sativa / 90% Indica / Ruderalis
    Lineage: Matanuska and Ruderalis 
    THC: 9-13%
    Flowering: 9-10 weeks
    Yield (Indoor/Outdoor): 450g/m2 - 100g/plant
    Height: 70-90 cm

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