Auto Mazard contains indica, sativa and ruderalis traits within its genetic make up. This autoflowering variety is indica dominant and makes smokers realise that with a dense, heavy body high.


Auto Mazard is perhaps most well known for its dense and earthy qualities. The strain offers a high that is very much body centred, with aspects of sleepiness, couch lock and calmness. The strain does offer some sativa traits in terms of its psychoactive effect, however these are not as pronounced. The head high that is brought on my Auto Mazard, although not that strong, is known to be thought provoking and even serves as a light aphrodisiac.


Auto Mazard smokers will experience quite the cocktail of tastes. The main taste present within the herb is an earthy one, though this is augmented by sweet, sour, bitter and spicy elements. When it comes to aroma, Auto Mazard presents a primarily earthy front once again, with the addition of wood, musky and spicy scents.


Auto Mazard does not take an expert to grow. The autoflowering strain thrives in greenhouses, but can do very well both indoors and outdoors. The strain only takes about 10 weeks to go from germination to harvest, making it a quick turnover crop capable of making some serious money.


  • Sex: Feminised
    Genotype: Indica/sativa/ruderalis  
    Days to harvest: 10 Weeks
    YIELD: 100-200G/PLANT
    HEIGHT: Medium

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