Chemdog Millionaire is an indica-dominant strain that boasts favorable resin production and uniquely shaped buds. Her thick resin makes home crafted cannabis extracts a popular option. Together, strains Chemdog and Guava have provided the genetic foundation that enables Chemdog Millionaire to produce strong yields. Up to 22% THC with a little CBD, 0.9%, thrown in for good measure ensures a balanced and enjoyable high that will appeal to indica enthusiasts.


On top, the buds appear long and club-like in shape. However, lower canopies develop golf ball sized buds. Rest assured that regardless of form both are still packed with THC, an attribute Chemdog Millionaire is known for. Flowering indoors only takes 55 days.


  • Sex: Feminised Photo-period
    Genotype: 100% Indica
    Lineage: Guava Kush x Chemdog
    THC:  22%
    Flowering time:  8 Weeks
    Yield:  Medium 
    Smell and flavor:  Sour, Earthy, Fruity, Chemical, Pine
    Effect: Relaxed, Body-buzz, Calming, Meditative

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