Feno Dream CBD cannabis seeds one of the bank's most recent creations.  It is a variety rich in CBD, with Sativa dominance, which has been developed using latest generation techniques. The sum of the latest technologies with the experience and know-how of expert breeders in the field has resulted in the CBD version of the mythical Californian seed Blue Dream. From now on, the general public can enjoy of a cannabis jewel with all the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD): 2 in 1.


Feno Dream CBD is part of a generation of seeds in which they have gathered properties of cannabidiol (CBD) so far not present in any variety. It is a project carried out by the Californian bank with the objective of creating a new family of Marijuana seeds for therapeutic use, accessible to all types of users.

Feno Dream CBD develops strong and well-rooted roots that favor growth General of the plant. The extraordinary genetics of these seeds is responsible for the production of vigorous plants, with a resistant structure, with thin and elongated leaves. The space between nodes is large, which allows light to arrive smoothly even at

lower parts of the plant. Thus, in just 9 weeks, the entire surface of its branches is covered of buds, overflowing with resin, of a size more than considerable. The colorful that Wrapping these pot plants is a spectacle in itself; a cocktail of shades purple, blue and silver that will fill your garden with beauty.


Feno Dream CBD has an amazing flavor of berries, citrus and pepper. In As for its effect, a low level of psychoactivity has been achieved, aimed at those who do not they look for devastating effects but, on the contrary, they want to taste a variety ofmoderate marijuana that allows you to enjoy a pleasant state of lucidity and relaxation.


  • Sativa genotype: indica 65% / 35%
    Harvest : 7 - 8 weeks
    Ext: 800 g / Plant
    Yield: 500 g / m2
    THC: 0.4%
    CBD: 11 - 15%


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